Disappointment and Resentment

Years I have long the northern star
Shining with grace in the stellar sky
Bless be the day you came bless me
Bless me with hope and direction
I worship like a deity
that I have faith near god-like
Nay, you just a mere
Player in this cruel drama
I regret every dry thirsting breath
Every day and night pass missing shadows

True cruel colors
Madonna unconcealed her dagger
Stabbing unwary sad victim
Thrusting his ribs 60 times
She relish in the blood bath
Dancing, merrily merrily
There he lies, spasmodic movements take his hope away

Cries of her plea of eternal love
Just another killer act
Her sweet poem just another death certificate
Being with her just like
Algojo holding guillotine trigger
Her words, her angelic voices
Beg my death wish
Her soft fair skin
My veil shrouding my end
Her warmth
Hell inferno burned by hers

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow
Sun and Moon Ferris Wheel turn furiously
Leaving the them who sleep behind
Full Moon thunders the midnight sky
I’ll wait the sea to dry up
So we can dance again in the ballroom
Waltz, Tango, you name your music
Festival I dreamt
Another massacre awaits
I can smell the dying love stench
Horrid, Putrid, Bloody, Foul
Grinding by delicate senses
But I can’t tell whos dying
Either neighbor next door
Or my necrosis holding my soul
Rancid flesh, Puss and Blood
Tearing the affection
Fatality is sure
Death of love
Love that magical and wonderful
Magics can be illusions
Casted by witches and warlocks
Hexed, that I may not moved, paralyzed

I rise as a grey, gloomy ghost
Wandering, earth-bound
Long for warmth
That run on skin of players
As a pay for the play they sang
I would haunt you
In your memories
Hammered on you sin tablets

Just if
In the other life, moment
I saw your visage, spectre
I’ll turn my head away
Shifting, dive to the crowd
Away from your beg for forgiveness
Believing that would be much sweeter
Than crushing your cranium
Driving it hard to concrete wall
And drinking your fluid, intoxicated with it

What if,
Your treason to love
Your homicide of infant love
Is just a man’s foolish accusation
Pray for my happiness
Pray that you can rest peacefully

I dress myself gray
Mourning, cry a tear less grief
Friends and relative come and go
A funeral that you would never came, invited
Death of our dear friend,
Named, Love.