The Ultimate One Night Stand Of Thought Show.

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Fasten your seatbelt, please, and brace yourself. For this thing you're about to read is nothing like the previous post, this is a no fun, no nonsense reading material.

If you are a fighter, then this post will create a simulation of armageddon in your head and if by the end of this post, you feel like you're going to vomit, that's a good sign. But if you've gone through this post 3 times and you feel nothing, still, fear not, for you may have fail to decipher the vivid message splattered across these words, but please note, you're not really a loser. Unfortunately, you are, (sorry I have to say this), weak. Ah well, You know what to do


When was the last time you feel happy? Does it take an object of subject to make you happy? 

"Happiness is my goal of life." 

Sounds familiar? Read on. 

As a human, you handled the word " h a p p y " with parsimony, binding your emotions and feelings through discretion and painful determination, only for the sake of enabling yourself to actually breathe in ease.

You know, you may lie to the world but never yourself. One particular night, when the light dies, that very thought rumbled in your head and chest. And then the cirque du soleil in you begins. You couldnt help but attending. 

Being happy? Whatever for, good lord? You ask The Al Mighty, with tears of wrath and frustration coursing down your cheeks. And then you wonder, this filthy pathway you've been wandering on and about, is it real or surreal? What IS happiness? You feel like you are having difficulties to differentiate glasses from diamonds, you're damned, you're doomed, you're so screwed. 

There you go, welcome to the most entertaining show on the planet; LIFE.

And then you wait, in despair and vain too, wishing aloud, may sometimes soon, someone will come rescue you from sinking deeper into this black hole. Two seconds later you slap yourself hard. Silly me, there wont be a someone or somebody because there's no one and no body here with you. You're in this thing alone. 

Deal with it, bear with it. 
Deny it? - no chance, sorry love. 
LIVE it? - good luck.

When you are happy, every scene is picture perfect and every person you met is a comedian.

When the dosage of that ultimate drug called happiness begin to fade, every scene is a bad,failed masterpiece and every person you met is a terrorist.

no big deal, still?

by Qiez Medusa AR, Monday, 9 January 2012

5 Responses to The Ultimate One Night Stand Of Thought Show.

Anonymous said...

Such a direct translation for Gembira.

Shall I say, a headshot for me?

Anonymous said...

and yeah, when the dosage fades, every masterpieces are failures, and people are terrorists.

Larasephia said...

bang bang, said one who had been shot to her shooter. :)

Anonymous said...

Whether this entry is indirectly for me or else, I would like to thank you, lots. :)

Dark Half said...

i am a terrorist to myself and others. for me, happiness is temporary but still, i appreciate every bit of it