A losing Winner.

" I thought that is precisely what you always wanted? "

" I thought so too.. Its just that I never thought it would be this painful"

I looked into the mirror, I saw a black figure. It was Larasephia..
Laughing hysterically, thunderous, that black tears began coursing down her cheeks. As she did so, she raise her middle finger and pointed my way and shout her lung out " stupid biyatch! you should had seen it coming!fuck you for begging me to stay away! fuck you for considering to forgive and forget! fuck you for thinking things will be ok, fuck you for crying! you are nothing but the ultimate loser!!" the accusing words, sharper than any dagger, stormed out from her red lips in perfect repeating notes, like a stuck cd in a player.

Because I couldn't stand hearing her vetoed shouts, I smashed the mirror and cut my fingers. As I feast my weary soul on the fresh bloods dripping into my palm, I saw Serraphina, my other alter ago, one who is always so demure and composed and sweet , between the fractions of the broken mirror.

She was weeping hysterically. she raised her chin then,looking straight into my eyes, hers were all reddish and bleary, and said between heartbreaking sobs ;

" You let this happened, Qiez. You were, and only you, were to blamed. You were simply not good enough. You let this happened. How could you let Larasephia took over? how could you choose her over me from the very beginning?It was all your fault..It was YOU..you murdered US"

I looked at her sympathetically , I felt numb. I wipe the bloods on the floor. I looked back, she was gone. So did Larasephia. Now I am all alone, all by myself. As the moon gracefully caressing the black invisible clouds in the night skies, she kneels on the ground, close her eyes and prays.

The glory of a woman, whose named is Qiez AR, had shone pretty bright for the last few days back, but now, it is dangerously getting slightly dimmed, again.

One of her new but mostly dominant alter ego, Medusa, is now deadly seething with hatred over Larasephia's willingness to keep things low for me. Medusa wanted everything to be ever so painful, ever so messy.
She might be a mortal, but she is no human. A gorgon's heart is psychedelical. Medusa's insane thirst for rebellion is forever unrest. And the weakest of them all, Serraphina, is wailing since dawn till dawn, providing no assistance in any way.

Things are getting pretty intense between these women. And I am getting very..very..tired.

Qiez. She finds herself entangled in this web of treachery against her will. I told her to step up, she must resolves to foil these demonic angels' tantrums. She wanted to, she told me. But she is clouded with fears, and she could'nt help feeling doubtful, if she's to plan a plan, will her plan goes well? Will it escapes the suspicion from Larasephia's vicious sense, Medusa's deathly gaze? Can she trust the already weary Serraphina to keep things to herself?

Their home,my heart; was now hideously fermented with muds of betrayal and deceit. As the moon gracefully caressing the black invisible clouds in the night skies, she kneels on the ground, close her eyes.

- Qiez Medusa Ar