The Game Plan.

Little Red Riding Hood was on her way to her grandma’s house as grandma dearest was down with bieber fever. She hopped merrily along the path in the forest with a basket in her hand. Inside, there’s a big bowl of herbal chicken soup made by momma. However, after a while the journey bored her. So she started singing her favourite song - Rebecca Black’s Friday.

Of all the sudden, a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat popped out from behind a tree, muttering "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"

When he saw the little girl in that red hooded cloak, he stopped and stared.. Then he said,

“ There you are, Alice! I’ve been looking for you all day! Time is running out! Time is running out! Tick tock tick tock tick!! Follow me my bitch! “

The Little Red Riding Hood was dumbfounded, annoyed and of course, mad. For she had never seen a rabbit in a waistcoat, or a talking rabbit, nor a talking rabbit in a waistcoat who has just made her his bitch.

“ Excuse me, asshole. I aint your bitch! And not anyone’s for the record. And you’re a very very weird rabbit! I don’t like you a bit! Get off my way before I fucking snatch your ears and grill you for my dinner!! “

Just when the Little Red Riding Hood was about to kick the white rabbit’s ass, a great huge wolf appeared. He jumped onto the white rabbit and gobbled him in a flash!

Little Red Riding Hood screamed her heart out! She was too shocked and frightened that she wasn’t able to move!

The big great wolf feasted his fiery red eyes on Little Red Riding Hood and flashed his sharp bloodied teeth. Poor Little Red Riding Hood was so scared that she jizzed in her red lacy limited edition Valentine’s Day’s La Senza panties!

With a river of crocodile tears coursing down her plump cheeks, she said within the sobs;

“ Oh Mister great big wolf, please don’t eat me.. Grandma is very ill and home alone. She gotta drink my momma’s herbal chicken soup as soon as possible, else she’ll get sicker and wont be able to attend Justin Bieber’s live in Malaysia concert next week. She had the VVIP ticket booked, and it’s worth Ringgit Malaysia 800!! Please spare me some mercy and let me go. Please, oh please mister good great wolf?”

Suddenly the big great wolf morphed into a human form. A tall, tanned, and very yummylicious muscular man, to be precise!

The Little Red Riding Hood jizzed in her red lacy limited edition Valentine’s Day’s La Senza panties for the second time.

“I am JB,” said the wolf, extending his hand to the girl for a handshake.

“ Oh? JB? Justin Bieber?” Alice asked, gulping, fingers crossed.

“ Hell nay! It’s Jacob Black, shawty. Whaddap~”

Little Red Riding Hood plunged forward to French kissed JB but a pale looking girl who was wearing a sky blue dress appeared from nowhere and stood right in front of the man of her dream. So Little Red Riding Hood accidentally plunged onto the girl’s bouncy boobies instead, and broke her nose.

“ Ouchhhhh! My nose! My nose! ” Cried the Little Red Riding Hood in pain.

The girl then gave the Little Red Riding Hood a handkerchief. Looking down at her with her mean eyes, she said;

“ Opssie doopsie baby, sorry yaw. It’s a made in china silicones, they looked good once they’re in but a little too plastic to the touch. My bad. Ha ha ha “

Wiping the blood from her nose, the Little Red Riding Hood asked,

“ Who the hell are you anyway? ”

“ Lets just say I am the new Bella Swan..“

“ The new Bella? What happened to Kirsten Stewart?”

The girl in the sky blue dress grinned. Then she said;

“ She’s dead. Jacob ate her. “

“ Oh lord! That’s horrible! Edward must be devastated! Oh my poor Eddie! ”

“ Hah! Don’t worry. Edward’s busy fucking another Swan at the moment ”

“ What do you mean? What swan?”

“ The Black Swan.”

The Little Red Riding Hood burst into genuine tears for she belonged to Team Edward.

The girl in the sky blue dress then reached for Jacob Black and hand in hand, they walked towards the black Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 parked underneath a cherry tree. They’ll be heading to GSC at Pavillion to watch KL Gangster later. Jacob Black is so excited for he is a die hard fan of Aaron Aziz.

“Oh, by the way..” said the girl in the sky blue dress as she steps into the car, drawing the Little Red Riding Hood’s attention,

“ My name is Alice. “

- Qiez Medusa AR

6 Responses to The Game Plan.

roq said...

black swan best riding hood x tengok lagi.....

singgah la sini ye...huhu

lavender harum wangi said...


mirachantek said...

haha aku suka new bella tu.
aku rasa aku nak suggest tempat surgery baru padanya

BuDaK cOmOt said...

fairy tale yang telah dimodenkan. CooooooL....:D

NAJ HEBAT said...

kau memang mengarutkan?


btw, nnt tambah lagi. aku nak snow white. sekian.

bloghok said...

dah natang ape dalam base om putih..susoh ang nok bace..kahkahkah