"have you ever considered that there are thousands of versions of you inside everyone's head who's met you?"

funny; i've thought of that too.
as far as i know,
there is a wimpy boy inside my dad's mind;
who is too weak to hammer a nail or too scared,
to climb a ladder to change the light bulb.

a wimpy boy who draws hearts and smileys,
on the pictures inside his scrapbooks.

(he doesn't see the biggest heart is scribbled on top of his head)

in my teachers' head,
i see a girl too loud and too carefree,
for an education that is deemed worthy.
a girl who is too proud to admit her mistakes;
'don't sleep in the class!'
'you're doomed for life...'
a girl, too shapeless and messy to be tamed.

(but they cry to the heartfelt letters they receive years and years later from an anonymous fan)

and inside the heads of a few romantic creatures,
there is a being who never cries,
with open arms and doors and eyes;
whenever they sink into the dirty lies
of humans - gendered as men.

(but truthfully, it never understood the need to cry)

for a few strangers, they see a woman,
clutching a book that never leaves her hands,
inside the packed train with her cloudy glasses,
as her eyes watered when her heroes were beaten;

i like this version better.

it's funny, actually;

to think i'm most honest with the people i've known never.

-things i wish i had controls over.

May 2015.