Saw you in your sweater
In the coldness of December
That was our first encounter
But I guess you won't remember 

Started a conversation through Facebook
Wrote about you in a notebook
Wishing I had another look
Suspended under your magic hook

Suddenly, you became a part of me
The melody to my sad rhapsody
Thought it was a new journey
Baby, you're my deity

Everything was a blur
Swallowing those sweet liqueur
You broke my heart, sir
Maybe that's what you prefer

Those pills did a favor
Different colors, same flavor
They say I'm a hardcore raver
Maybe I should've been braver

Crying on the floor at 3 am
Got cheated by your love scam
Blocked you from Twitter and Instagram
I know you won't give a damn

Baby, I'm cold and numb
Took the guitar, play a strum
Maybe I'm just too dumb
To realise you're just a scum

by Friday, 2 October 2015